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Ylang-Ylang - Flower Legend



First Published: 2013/07/20

Once upon a time, the ability of trees to bear flowers was assigned by the gods and goddesses. Some of the trees who were given this ability were calachuchi, adelfa, mango, etc. Ylang-Ylang was not among those given this gift.

Ylang-Ylang was sad because she was not able to bear flowers. She would hear the other trees bragging about how beautiful their flowers looked. The other trees would also say that it would be better for those who had no flowers to be cut down and made into firewood since they had no use.

At night, Ylang-Ylang would cry because of this. But because she knew that there was nothing she could do she let it go.

One time, a storm seemed to be brewing. The rain was falling hard and the wind was gusty. The other trees held tight to their flowers so that it would not fall down the ground. Ylang-Ylang was confident that she would make it through the storm. Since she had no flowers to hold on to, she was less worried than the others.

During the storm, there were two caterpillars that were looking for a place to stay in. The caterpillars had asked most of the trees to let them stay in until the storm is over. But the trees shooed them away, saying the caterpillars would surely eat not only their leaves but their flowers as well.

The caterpillars could do nothing but leave. They braced themselves for what could happen to them during the storm.

Ylang-Ylang heard everything that was said to the two caterpillars. She asked them to stay with her through the storm. Furthermore, she told them to eat all the leaves that they needed; their safety was far more important than anything else.

The storm proved to be strong and it lasted longer than anyone had anticipated. After the storm passed, Ylang-Ylang tried to look for the caterpillars but they were nowhere to be found. She was sad thinking that they were taken away by the rain and wind.

Instead of two caterpillars, Ylang-Ylang saw two strange things that looked like flowers hanging by her branch. Upon further inspection, it was the two caterpillars which had metamorphosized into butterflies.

The gods and goddesses learned of Ylang-Ylang’s heroic deed. They visited the tree to bring good news. Ylang-ylang was to be rewarded because she thought more for others’ sake than hers’.

Since then, Ylang-Ylang had flowers which looked like the wings of the two butterflies which she took in. furthermore, her flowers had a sweet smell which lingered through the woods. Ylang-Ylang was finally happy she now had sweet-smelling flowers.

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