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Turtle Legend



First Published: 2013/07/20

A long time ago, the turtle’s shell was smooth and shiny. It had no cracks just as it does now. The turtle was proud of his shell. He would clean and polish it everyday. He was proud that his shell was smooth that one can even use it as a mirror.

Turtle was not only known for his shiny and smooth shell, he was also known for being talkative. He was always full of stories. One time, he and his friend frog were having a conversation. But the talkative frog was not able to utter a single word as turtle talked non-stop. He talked about anything and everything under the sun.

One day, while turtle was chatting with his friend duck, a group of herons flew down the stream to have a drink. The birds were tired from migrating from other land so they stopped to rest awhile.

The herons were discussing rather loudly about the beauty of the different places they have been. They were laughing and happily recalling their experiences.

The turtle was listening intently that he was suddenly silent for the first time in his life. His mouth was gaping while listening to the cranes talk. His friend duck was surprised at turtle’s silence he thought turtle fell asleep.

The birds were still busy chatting when turtle interrupted them. He told them that he would also love to go to the place they were talking about. He was sure that the place was beautiful and that the food there were delicious. He would love to go there so that he too can tell his friends about the place. Then he would have had something new to talk about especially to his friends who have not been anywhere except in the jungle where they lived.

The herons looked at each other and then at turtle. They told him they would love to bring him with them but they don’t know how they would do that. Turtle didn’t have wings so that he can fly with them. The herons and the turtle thought of a plan how they could bring turtle with them.

Turtle was already losing hope when suddenly a heron had an idea. They talked about it and then informed turtle of what they would do. They could bring him if turtle would agree to bite into a piece of wood which two herons would also bite on each end. The plan would work if turtle does not speak for a long time since the place they were going to was quite far.

The turtle said he could do that. He agreed to shut his mouth so that a little later they were off to the place the herons were talking about.

He bit the piece of wood tightly as they were about to take off however after a few minutes he got bored because of the silence he was hearing. He opened his mouth and was beginning to talk to the two herons who were holding the wood when he suddenly dropped down. The birds were unable to do anything but look at turtle as he fell to the ground.

The turtle fell shell first and landed on a big rock. He was lucky that his hard shell broke his fall and his head did not hit any rock. Because of the height and the impact of his fall, his shell was cracked. From then on, turtle avoided talking too much. His once shiny and smooth shell is now crack and rough.

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