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The Legends of Spider



First Published: 2013/07/20

Once upon a time, there was a couple who had been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. They named their child Amba.

Weaving was the main livelihood of the couple. They make beautiful and intricate designs of cloths. The couple both came from a family of great weavers. It didn’t come as a surprise that Amba was taught how to weave and she excelled in it.

Even as a young girl, Amba was very good at the craft her parents have taught her. As she grew up, she explored and experimented on how to make different designs. Because of this, she was a master weaver even at a young age. She has even surpassed her parents’ ability.

Amba became famous because of her talent in weaving. She was known throughout the land. Many would come to their place not only to buy the cloths that Amba had made but also to look at her weave. Many wonder at the magical way her hands work. The family became rich because of this livelihood.

But due to her new found fame, the girl became arrogant. She knew she was good at weaving that she challenged anyone who would like to go against her. Many great weavers heeded Amba’s challenge. They too would like to prove Amba’s talents.

The challenge was set and the weaving begun. Amba fascinated all her challengers at how easily she weaved intricate patterns. There was no doubt that the girl outdid all the other weavers. Because of this, she became even more arrogant than before.

Amba claimed that she was the best weaver there is. She even said that no goddess can surpass her ability to weave beautiful designs. The goddesses heard Amba’s taunts against them. They had noticed how proud Amba had become. They were not happy with Amba’s arrogance.

One day, an old woman had come to challenge Amba. The girl agreed to the match. She laughed to herself thinking that the woman looked as if she doesn’t even know how to weave. It would definitely be easy for Amba to beat her. Plus, it’s a chance to show off her skills.

The weaving started and the old woman proved to be a great adversary to Amba. The old woman made a complicated and beautiful design that left everyone, even Amba, in awe. The old woman won the challenge.

Amba could not believe that she was beaten by an old woman. She mocked the woman saying that she had cheated. The cloth could have been swapped by the old woman. It could even have been a cloth that Amba had made beforehand.

Before Amba could have pushed the old woman, the whole place suddenly lit up. The old woman was suddenly transformed into a beautiful goddess. She saw how arrogant Amba had become. The girl was to be punished for her pride.

At the wave of the goddess’ hand, Amba’s appearance changed. She became smaller and her legs grew longer. Her parents could not do anything for they knew that their daughter had indeed become very proud of herself.

Amba was the very first spider. Up to this day, one can still see the spider’s skills in weaving in the complicated designs they make their houses of.

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