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The Legend of the Rooster



First Published: 2013/07/20

A long time ago, there was a kingdom in the North which was situated between two mountains. The kingdom was called Batalla. Being surrounded by these mountains it was always covered in dew in the morning, in the late afternoon and even during the night. The climate was favorable and mild. It wasn’t too sunny during the summer months and it wasn’t too cold. Life here was easy, eating and sleeping were very much the activities of the day.

Because of this comfort, the people from Batalla were plump and slow to move. Their bodies were heavy and even their king and soldiers were pudgy. In fact, one might even say that most of the people there were used to an easy life with no real hard work to do because of the idle and comforting climate.

The people from the other kingdom heard about the fat soldiers of Batalla and thought of this major disadvantage. The king then thought that they would easily capture Batalla with very little effort, if none at all. He then ordered for the soldiers to prepare for war.

Meanwhile, life was pretty much the same in the kingdom of Batalla. The king and the people idled their time away completely unaware of the plot against them. They filled their bellies with food as if there was no tomorrow and then they’ll sleep soundly with no thought of ever doing anything else. They didn’t even think about training themselves to prepare for any invasion. They were like fat, sitting ducks.

The soldiers from the neighboring kingdom positioned themselves around Batalla very early in the morning. They knew that the Batallans were still sleeping soundly and made use of this to their advantage. They readied their spears and their weapons, but before they could even attack they suddenly heard loud screams. Startled to hear these shouts, they thought that it was the sound of a thousand Batallans completely aware of their plot and ready for battle. Taken by surprise, the soldiers ran away in every direction to flee the wrath of the Batallans.

Little did they know that the sounds that they heard were actually the crowings of many Batallan roosters. Because these roosters always woke up early, they saw the invaders position themselves around the kingdom. It was them that woke up the Batallans and frightened the hapless invaders.

Upon seeing the heroic act of the valiant roosters, the king of Batalla made sure that they got their reward. Each rooster was given a crown at the top of their heads as a sign of thanks for their bravery and courage.

From then on, the king promised that the Batallans would never let their idle life get the better of them again. He ordered the troops to start training and preparing for battle. He also ordered the citizens to start working and to shun their previously idle lives. The noble rooster as always endeavored to make sure that the king kept his promise by waking everybody up early in the morning.

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