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The Legend of the Crow



First Published: 2013/07/20

Many years ago, there was a couple who was blessed with two daughters. The family lived a simple but happy life. But the mother passed away early and so the father was left to tend to his two daughters.

The difference between the two daughters became apparent as they grew older. Ria, the elder daughter, was pretty with brown complexion. She was kind and helpful to their neighbors. Ria also helped in doing the household chores and at times would help her father in fishing.

Meanwhile, the younger daughter was named Uwa. She was prettier than her sister. She had fair skin and long golden hair like that of a corn’s. Uwa did nothing but stared at herself in the mirror the whole day. She would comb her hair and admire her reflection in the mirror. She would do no household chores nor would she help in her father’s fishing.

Uwa had a good singing voice, a trait which she inherited from her late mother. Those who would hear her sing believe that a goddess was singing. It was only Uwa who could sing beautifully but Ria was not jealous of her. She was happy for Uwa.

Soon after, their father also died. They had to work in order to live. But it was Ria who took in all the responsibilities of their father. She would go to the sea to fish while Uwa stayed at home. Uwa did nothing at home. She would not even clean the house or cook food for her sister who would surely be hungry when she gets home from fishing.

Ria would beg Uwa to help her in the chores as she was hard up in fishing. It was not something that a little girl should be doing in the first place. Ria thought that they could use Uwa’s voice to earn some money for food.

But Ria’s suggestion only angered Uwa. Her voice was just not for anybody she said and it was definitely not her responsibility to earn a living. It was the eldest who should work for them. Ria could not do anything with Uwa’s reasoning.

One day, an old woman came to their house begging for some food. Ria immediately welcomed the old woman in their house and gave her food to eat. When Uwa saw what her sister did, she got angry at Ria for giving food since they are also scarce of it. After scolding Ria, she turned to the old woman. She pushed the old woman out the door.

The old woman revealed her true identity. The two girls were surprised to find out that the old woman was a fairy. The younger sister tried to make amends to the fairy but it was too late. The fairy had already seen enough of Uwa’s bad attributes.

She rewarded Ria of a good and happy life. Ria, on the otherhand, remained helpful and kind to others.

Meanwhile, Uwa was punished for her bad deeds. The fairy made her into a black and ugly bird. Uwa’s beautiful singing voice had also disappeared. She now has a hoarse, croaking voice that could no longer carry a tune. The bird is what is now commonly known as the crow.

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