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The Legend of Monkey



First Published: 2013/07/19

Once upon a time, there lived a couple who had been blessed with twelve sons. The family was not wealthy but the parents loved all of their boys and tried hard to provide for them.

The father was especially proud that he had a dozen sons. He would tell his friends that he would have a lot of help in tilling their farmland. But to his dismay, his boys were lazy and carefree. They did absolutely nothing but play the whole day.

The boys are often in the woods where they love to play and climb the vines and branches of the trees. They would spend the whole day there playing hide and seek and tag until night comes and their parents would come looking for them.

If the boys were not in the woods, they can be found in their backyard eating the fruits from their trees. Their favorite is the banana which they would pick from their mother’s plant.

The family’s house is a mess due to the boys’ playfulness. They would hide their mother’s cooking utensils. The boys would jump up on their chairs and furniture and would throw these around like a ball. Their house is a complete chaos because of the naughty boys.

The boys’ parents are patient with their naughty children. They thought that the boys would soon outgrow their childish ways and help out in the chores.

But they were wrong. Instead of maturing, the boys grew even more playful. Their house is a mess. The whole furniture is destroyed and even their fruit trees were dying because the boys would play among them.

One night, when the parents came home tired and hungry from tilling their rice fields, they found their house in the usual topsy-turvy state. There was no food for them to eat and no boys to be found as well

The father called out his sons but there was no answer. He went out in their backyard and saw the branches of their fruit trees on the ground. But still, the boys were nowhere to be found. The couple decided to go to the woods to look for their children. Surely they would find them there.

In the woods, the parents saw their children playing on the trees. There were some who were hanging on the branches; while some were playing tag; the others were fighting. All were not mindful of their parents shouting to make them stop.

The parents reached their boiling point. They picked up the branches that had fallen on the ground and were about to spank the naughty little boys but they managed to ran away. The parents then, threw the sticks at the boys. The sticks reached their butts and stuck on them.

The boys tried to remove the branches sticking form their butts however it’s as if it was glued and could not be removed. Soon, hair began to cover the boys’ faces and bodies.

From then on, the boys no longer went home. They lived on the trees happily swinging and playing on the branches. They became the very first monkeys.

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