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The Legend of Mirasol



First Published: 2013/07/19

Back in the ancient days, there was once a good and generous couple who were loved dearly by their neighbors. The neighbors loved them since they helped all of them whenever they could. Everybody was fond of them because of their giving nature and the goddess of the sun was very pleased with their work.

But despite this, there was something that was lacking because they couldn't have a child of their own. The two have been together for quite some time now and were getting old. They thought about the future and and worried about who would take care of their property when they are to pass. They pondered on just giving their property to their distant relatives if they aren't able to conceive.

Yet they remained hopeful and prayerful that they would still be given that chance to have a child of their own to take care of and love. The goddess of the sun heard their prayers and because she saw that they were very kind to their neighbors she granted them their desires.

The couple was very elated to find out that the wife was pregnant and after a few months she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her name was Mirasol.

The couple loved their only daughter Mirasol dearly. Since she was their only child, they showered her with gifts and beautiful things to play with. She grew up just as helpful and benevolent as her parents and they were very happy.

It would seem that this happiness would not last long for darkness was soon to overcome their small town. A plague swept from out of nowhere ravishing their little barrio, decimating the populace to a fraction of what it was.

Mirasol's father and mother were among those who died.

Try as she might to revive them, there was nothing the little girl can do. She was all alone. Before her parents died, they gave their relatives one dying wish, to take care of Mirasol until such time that she can take care of herself.

But these relatives, long envious of the fortune of the family, carried within them the poisoned seeds of envy. They knew that when the time comes when Mirasol is of age, she would be the one who would partake of it. They became greedy and plotted on how they could seize it from the little girl.

They treated her shabbily and made her live as a slave while they enjoyed the fruits of the couple's hard work and fortune.

Every day, they would make Mirasol clean the house, do the laundry and feed the animals and do the other difficult chores. Mirasol was always scolded harshly and punished horribly. At times, they wouldn't even feed her and she became accustomed to starving as she slept in a tiny and dirty corner of the house.

One day, as the starving child was cleaning the fence, she remembered her parents and cried. She missed them horribly and prayed that the harsh treatment given to her would end.

Unbeknownst to her, the goddess of the sun was watching her plight. She made herself known, came forward and consoled the little girl. She promised that she would never again be hurt by them. For as long as sunlight is there then the goddess of the sun will also be there to protect her.

Mirasol managed to give her thanks to the goddess and as she was looking in the goddess eyes, she began to feel her body changing. It felt like sunlight was coming out of her and her hunger disappeared. When the brightness has gone, she realized that she has turned into a plant with a beautiful yellow flower.

The townsfolk tried looking for the girl but she was nowhere to be found. They searched in vain but all that they could find was the yellow flower who raises its head to the sun whenever it appeared. At night, it would bow its head so as to hide itself from the abusive relative.

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