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Legend of the Sweet Potato



First Published: 2013/07/20

A hundred years ago, there was a huge drought that occurred here on earth. The heat was intense and there was no rain that poured down. The crops were wilted and the cattle got sick and eventually died. Because of this, food was scarce. The people would look for ways to find food. They would go to the forest and hunt.

There was one forest that wasn’t affected by the drought. This was the magical forest of Kamu. It remained the same and was full of natural resources. The trees were full of fruits and there were plenty of wild animals that can be killed to be eaten. The townspeople would go here to hunt for food.

Two siblings decided to go the forest to look for food. They went early so that they could hunt plenty of wild animals to bring home. However, unlike what they expected they were not able to find a single animal. It was already growing dark.

The siblings were already hungry and decided to rest awhile before going home. They were resting under a big tree when a bird perched on the same tree. They shot the bird and quickly made fire to cook the it. When the bird was cooked and the two were about to eat, a beautiful lady came near them. She told the boys she had been lost for days now and that she was very hungry.

The two boys were sorry for the lady. They gave her their food even if they were hungry themselves. They watched the girl eat the food hungrily. They bit their lips as she ate all of the food.

After eating, the beautiful girl thanked the boys. She was very happy because they gave her food even if they had not eaten anything themselves. She told the boys to go home to their families and come back tomorrow in the same place they were in.

The siblings did as they were told. However, they were unhappy as they were not able to bring home food for their family to eat.

The following day, the two went back to the same place they met the lady. They looked for the lady but she was nowhere to be found. They were amazed as there were no trace of the fire they had made the day before. Instead a strange plant grew on the spot they built the fire. They were sure that the plant was not existent just yesterday. They thought that maybe this is what the beautiful lady had told them that she was giving them.

It was the first time they saw such plant. When they pulled the plant out they saw that the roots were fat as if it was a fruit. They brought home the plant and asked the people if they knew what it was. But no one could tell what the plant was.

They cooked the fruit and tasted it. The fruit was delicious and made them full even with just few bites. The people were glad that they now have something to eat during the drought. They called the fruit kamote because it came from the mysterious forest of Kamu.

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