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Legend of the Stars



First Published: 2013/07/20

A long time ago, there was no moon or stars that give light at night. King Buwan was then living on the earth. He was known to be a stern and serious king who never smiled.

He had no wife because he was picky. A lot of kings had tried to arrange marriage for their daughters to King Buwan but he didn’t like any of them.

Not far from King Buwan’s palace, there lived a couple who had a beautiful daughter named Aurora. She was not only beautiful but was kind and helpful as well.

The king learned of the beautiful girl so he hurriedly went to visit the family and see for himself. The king was charmed by the beauty of the girl. He ordered her to get married to him. But Aurora refused because she was already seeing someone whom she liked a lot. However, because it was king’s orders her refusal was useless. If she would not marry him, he would have her parents thrown in jail.

Aurora could do nothing but marry the king. She was given a beautiful bracelet with shiny stones by King Buwan as dowry for their marriage. The precious stones were like little suns that shine even from a far.

King Buwan brought Aurora home to his palace. But she was not happy living in the palace; she would often go out rather than stay at home. King Buwan noticed this and thought that wife was seeing her old sweetheart.

The king forbade Aurora to go out of the palace. This made Aurora very sad. She didn’t like staying at home with her temperamental husband so she would escape whenever her husband would take his afternoon nap.

One afternoon, however, the king woke up before Aurora could get back to the palace. He found out that his wife usually took advantage when he was sleeping and go out. He waited for Aurora to come home and reprimanded her. When Aurora told him that she didn’t love him anyway, King Buwan out of anger slapped her.

Aurora ran out of the palace. She cried as she was going out that she was leaving him. King Buwan tried to stop Aurora begging for sorry. He took hold of her hand but she wriggled it out and was able to free herself from his grip. But due this, the shiny bracelet given by Buwan broke into pieces.

King Buwan was sorry when he realized he got angry at his wife for no reason. He picked up the stones that fell from Aurora’s broken bracelet thinking that she might return.

However, Aurora would no longer return to the palace. She, together with her parents had gone far away from the palace so that Buwan would not find them. He then got the shiny stones and threw them into the sky. These turn into little stars. At night, King Buwan and the stars would go out hoping that Aurora would see them and decide to come home to his him.

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