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Legend of the Hundred Islands



First Published: 2013/07/20

The town of Alaminos is well known for the hundred islands found on its sea. A story relates how this islands came to be. The hundred islands appeared after an unforgettable event that happened in the town.

A long time ago, the town of Alaminos was a progressive town. It’s sea was rich in natural resources. The fishermen were happy because they always had plenty of catch. Even if they had only spent a few hours at sea they were sure to bring in basins full of fish.

It has been said that a fairy lives in Alaminos’ sea. According to the old folks, the fairy owned a pearl which gives the fisherman good catch of fish. The fairy’s only daughter Liglioa was tasked as the caretaker of the said pearl. Unlike her mother who was a fairy, Liglioa was half mortal. She lived in a small shack by the seashore and socialized with the townsfolk. The people loved Liglioa not only because she was the guardian of the pearl but also because the girl was kind and helpful.

A nearby town soon learned of Alaminos’ secret charm. They were envious of Alaminos’ progress. Datu Masubeg of the other town planned to capture Liglioa and hold her hostage until the fairy gives them the pearl. Surely, she will not leave daughter alone. Then they would also enjoy a good catch and progress.

But before, the enemies from the other town could even reach the shore, Datu Mabiskeg had already gathered the brave warriors of Alaminos to defend Liglioa. A great deal of fighting occurred on the shore of Alaminos. Many warriors died from both camps.

Liglioa asked her mother to intervene and stop the fighting. She prayed that a pearl of the same kind be given to the other town so that they would not be envious of Alaminos and get their pearl.

The fairy refused saying she could no longer make another pearl. She revealed that the true pearl which gives Alaminos’ a good catch of fish is no other than her only daughter – Liglioa.

Because of what she heard, Liglioa remained silent and thought of a plan on how to stop the fighting. She then asked her mother that she would rather stay underwater so that the pearl would never be seen. The fairy agreed to the plan. It will be safer for all if Liglioa was to stay underwater.

The warriors that had died on the seashore of Alaminos drifted on sea and slowly became islands. Almost, hundred men had died that day for the battle of Alaminos’ lucky "pearl".

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