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Legend of the Dama de Noche



First Published: 2013/07/20

Once a upon a time, a baby boy was born to a noble couple. Because the family was rich, the boy got everything that he asked for. The boy grew to adolescence and he learn a lot of vices. Together with his rich friends, they would go on a drinking spree, gamble and play around with different women.

The man’s parents soon died and he became an orphan. Because he was a spoiled brat, his servants left him. They could no longer take his laziness and temper.

He didn’t know any household work. The whole house was a mess and cobwebs were forming all over the once beautiful place. It had not been cleaned up since his servants left him. His mother’s garden had also been unattended and was now growing all sorts of weeds. He was also losing money with his excessive spending and vices.

The man soon realized that this life was going nowhere. He needed someone to take care of him. So he decided to find a girl to marry. He promised himself that once married he would give up his vices and start a new life.

He was soon married to a kind and industrious girl named Dama. Unlike him, his wife was not of noble birth. She was a commoner who was used to household chores and being poor. Dama loved her husband very much. She was happy to serve him with all her might. The man also stuck to his promise and turned back from his vices.

The two had a blissful marriage until the man’s old rich friends visited them. They invited him to drink and gamble. The man gave in to the invitation. He assured his wife that it would just be a onetime deal.

However, the onetime became frequent and soon the man was back to his old carefree ways. He would go home late and drunk. Dama was often left at home. She would cry while waiting for her husband to return.

One night while waiting for her husband, Dama became depressed and frustrated. She prayed hard to bathala to give her beauty that would charm her husband and make him not want to leave her. She cried herself to sleep.

The husband soon came home at dawn. He was expecting his wife to meet him the way she always does. However, Dama was not there. He called out her name but there was no answer. He went to their room but still no Dama was there to be found. He wondered where could his wife be. Dama would not just leave without telling him where she would be going and most especially not at night.

The man was about to go out to look for his missing wife when he smelled something familiar. He found out that it was coming from the window in their rom. He saw a plant with white flowers. It was the first time he saw such plant but he knew right then and there that the plant was Dama. The man was regretful that he had left his wife alone but it was too late. Dama was already turned into a plant.

From then on, the plant would smell sweetly at night when it blooms charming her husband to not leave her side and the husband never did leave her anymore.

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