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Legend of the Corn



First Published: 2013/07/20

A long time ago, there was a husband and wife whose livelihood was planting vegetables. They would sell their harvest and on other times would eat them if they were not able to sell it.

The couple was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She was called Maita. The girl had a pretty, long, and smooth hair. Maita’s haire shone like gold whenever light would hit it. She loved to fix herself. She would comb her hair frequently to keep her hair smooth and tangle free.

Her father would usually remind Maita to stop combing her hair and help with the household chores. However, her mother would just let her be as she found her to be cute. Maita was still young, she thought, she would soon outgrow her vanity and help out.

However, her mother was wrong. Maita became even more vain and would not stop fussing about her hair. She would now spend hours combing her hair and trying on different hairstyles.

One day, Maita's father got sick. Her mother needed to go to the market. She needed to sell the vegetables in order for them to have money to buy medicine for her father.

Before going to the market, Maita was reminded be her mother to take care of the household chores. She told Maita to prepare their food as she would surely be late in going home. She was also to take care of her sick father and feed him. Their crops were also to be watered because the earth at their yard was arid. Maita grudgingly nodded with her mother's reminders. She assured her mother that she would do all of what she was asked of.

Maita was about to start her household chores when she happened to pass by their mirror and saw her hair's reflection. She stopped and took out her comb from her pocket and started going through her hair. She thought of spending a few minutes of combing her hair; it was still early she said. Maita did comb her hair however because she was so engrossed with it she didn't notice that hours had passed. She also didn't notice her father softly calling her asking for something to eat. She was too busy with her hair.

The sun had set and Maita's mother soon got home. Her mother noticed their crops wilting due to not being watered for the entire day. She looked for Maita and found her in front of the mirror combing her hair.

Maita was scolded by her mother for not doing any household chore. She got even more angry when she found out that Maita did not feed her sick father anything. She told the girl that she wished Maita's hair would be thinner so that she would not be spending time on it. Tomorrow, they would have Maita's hair cut shorter. Maita cried as she went out of the house. Her mother, however, did not follow her. She went straight to the kitchen to cook food for her sick husband.

When her anger had subsided, the mother went to look for Maita but the girl was nowhere to be found. She was not in their yard nor in the houses of her friends. Nobody knew where Maita had run to.

One day, while cleaning in their yard, the mother saw an unusual plant that grew on their lot. She watered it everyday. A few weeks had passed, the plant had a fruit. It had yellow grains. Furthermore, the fruit had thin golden hair that was smooth and soft to touch. The couple cried when they saw the fruit's hairs. It reminded them of their daughter's beautiful hair.

They both agreed that the plant was their missing daughter. The plant was soon called mais.

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