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Legend of the Coconut



First Published: 2013/07/20

Once upon a time, there was a couple who fervently prayed for a child. The couples Juan and Maria have been married for two years now however they still had no children.

The two have tried everything they knew would give them their wish. They tried dancing on the streets with the other couples who also had no children; they also tried drinking different concoctions of herbal medicines for bearing children and other known ceremonies. However, the wife still did not bear any child.

The pair was starting to lose hope when at last Maria became pregnant. However, she was having a delicate pregnancy. She was confined to bed the whole because of nausea and vomiting. She also had a lot of unusual food cravings.

Juan did everything that Maria wanted even if he was hard up in looking for the things she would ask. She wanted rare fruits and exotic dishes among others. Juan looked for all of it to give in to Maria’s cravings because he wanted to please his pregnant wife.

One day, Maria again asked for something different; some never before heard of fruit. She described the fruit as circular and the inside of which is some water and white flesh which are both delicious and tummy filling. Juan tried looking for the fruit Maria wanted but there was no food with that description. Juan went home empty handed.

Maria grew sad because Juan was unable to find the fruit she wanted. She would not eat unless it was the fruit she asked for. She fell ill and weak. Juan pleaded with his wife to think not only about herself but about their child’s welfare as well. But Maria would not listen, she insisted on eating only that fruit.

Juan tried hard to look for the fruit but still could not find any. Maria grew weaker each day until her health gave up and she died. Juan was very sad when his wife and his child died. He buried Maria in their yard so that he was close to her. A few months passed since he had buried his wife, a strange new plant grew on top of Maria’s grave. Juan took care of the plant because it reminded him of his late wife.

Two more years had passed and the plant grew into a tree towering above Juan and even bore some fruits. Juan took a fruit to inspect it. It was rounded and when opened it revealed a white fleshy meat and clear water inside. Juan tasted it and found it to be delicious and tummy filling. He remembered that the fruit he was holding had the same description as that of Maria’s craving when she was still alive and pregnant. He then, knew that the tree was his dead wife Maria.

It became the very first coconut tree.

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