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Legend of the Bat



First Published: 2013/07/20

A long time ago when the world was still young, a huge argument ensued between the wild animals and the birds. They argued on who was rightful to live in the rich forest. Both groups would not back down and insisted that they should be the only one in the forest. Because of that, both groups quarreled and fighting occurred. The surviving group would be handed the right to live in the forest.

The fighting went on the whole day. They would stop at night only to rest and get ready for another day of combat.

There was one animal, however, who didn’t know with whom to side. This animal was bat. He didn’t know whether to classify himself as a wild animal or a bird. He also didn’t like siding with the loosing camp. He devised a plan and stayed from a far observing the fight. When he saw that the camp of the birds were gaining ground, he quickly went over to their side.

The birds saw bat and asked what he was doing in their camp; he was a wild animal they said. Bat quickly rebutted this saying he was one of them. He had wings just like them he insisted. He was able to convince the birds and they let him join their celebration.

The following day, bat did just that. He stayed on top of a tall tree and observed and waited on who was winning. That day, the wild animal gained ground so bat went to them.

Bat happily joined the wild animals in their celebration. However, they asked why he was with them when he was a bird. But again, bat denied being a bird and showed them his fangs which he says proves that he was a wild animal. They were convinced since birds didn’t have fangs afterall.

This was what bat did every single say. He was happy that he had thought of it. He would let the wild animals and the birds do all the fighting until they get tired and then he would just side with whoever was winning. He thought of himself as very clever.

Soon the fairies grew tired of all the fighting. They called upon all wild animals and birds and had them make up. The fairies divided the forest so that both would have somewhere to live. At last, the war between the wild animals and the birds was over.

The wild animals and the birds were on their way to their new homes when they saw bat. They knew what he was doing changing sides with whoever was winning. They didn’t want him in their camp. They pushed him away from their group and would not let him near them.

From then on, bat never socialized with any animal. He was ashamed with what he had done. Because of that, he now looks for his food alone at night so nobody can see him.

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