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Legend of the Banana



First Published: 2013/07/20

Many years ago there lived a kind-hearted old man. He was fondly called Apo Sagin by his neighbors.

Apo Sagin lives alone in his shack however, his neighbors had considered him part of the family so he is welcomed in their house anytime. They all loved him as if he was their own grandfather. He was always kind and helpful to them. They could ask anything from him and he would obliged and give it whole-heartedly.

The little children are always welcomed in Apo Sagin’s home. They would visit him in the afternoon and would listen to his stories. After which, he would offer them snacks he himself cooked.

Even strangers were welcomed and treated well by the old man. One time, while Apo Sagin was in the woods gathering firewood, he stumbled upon a man who was weak from hunger. He immediately brought the starving man to his house and took care of him until he was better.

At another time, a small girl came asking for alms from him. He brought her home and gave her food to eat. Before the girl went on her way, Apo Sagin taught her how to make fans out of dried leaves. The girl would never have to ask for alms he said, she can just sell fans. The girl thanked Apo. Soon she would be able to make it up to him for all the kindness he has shown, says the girl. Apo Sagin just smiled and said he didn’t ask for anything in return.

Apo Sagin was soon afflicted with illness. He grew very weak. Many neighbors came to visit him and took care of him. They would take turns waiting on him while he was sick. Even the young children who came to visit him came and told him stories.

But Apo Sagin’s illness became grave and because he was old he grew very weak. All of the townsfolk, came to see their beloved Apo Sagin for the last time. The old man gave his last words and then breathe his last.

The townsfolk all cried and were grief-stricken with the lost of their neighbor that they did not notice a small girl enter the house. It was the beggar whom Sagin had helped and taught to make fans. She was not just a beggar but rather was a fairy. She told the townsfolk to bury Sagin in the yard. Furthermore, she told them not to worry or be sad because Sagin will remain in their midst and will never leave them. They did as the fairy had told them and buried Sagin the yard.

After a few weeks, a plant soon grew on top of Sagin’s grave. After a few more weeks, a heart-shaped thing grew on the plant. The townsfolk remember the words of the fairy. The heart reminded them of Sagin’s generous heart that was full of kindness and love. The fruit turned out to be sweet and plenty.

Sagin indeed remained in the people’s midst and until now is still generous in giving. The plant was soon called Saging.

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