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Legend of Taal Volcano



First Published: 2013/07/20

Once upon a time, the town of Tagaytay was ruled by an old but powerful man. He was known as Lakan Taal. The townspeople loved and respected their leader because he was wise and just. The town was progressive because of Lakan Taal's good governance.

The town was peaceful and orderly because the people had high respect for Lakan Taal. Even their industry was booming. The people were able to produce good crops of coffee, avocado and other fruits.

One day, the old man met up with his trusted followers. He brought them to an unchartered part of the forest. He told his followers that from that day on, he forbids anyone to climb the top of the mountain he was pointing to. From a far, the mountain looked rich in trees and natural resources. But because they respected decisions from Lakan Taal, the followers swore that they would never climb the said mountain. They were also charged to tell the townspeople of Lakan Taal's strict orders. The townspeople, on the otherhand, did as they were told and from then on no one dared to climb up the mountain.

The people were happy and contented with Lakan Taal's rule when the old man suddenly disappeared. He told no one where he was going so that nobody could tell or know where he was. The townspeople searched high and low and every nook and cranny of the little town but he was nowhere to be found.

A few years passed since Lakan Taal disappeared but he was not found nor did he returned to the town. The town was still progressive but the people still missed their beloved leader.

One day, someone suggested that they climb up the top of the mountain that the old man had forbidden them to. They thought that maybe they would find him there. The people all agreed as they were eager to find out what was in the summit.

They went up the mountain and found out that there was a hole in its summit. They looked inside the hole and found lots of precious stones such as diamond, pearls, rubies, etc. Soon everyone was fighting to get the precious stones for themselves. The familiar sound of Lakan Taal's voice stopped them from fighting. The voice told them that this is the exact reason why he forbade them to climb up the mountain as he knew they would end up fighting with each other.

Lakan Taal was angered by the townspeople's actions that he wished Bathala that there would be lightning and thunder and a strong calamity. He was barely finished when the place suddenly turned dark and everything he had said occured. A strong earthquake soon shook the place and the mountain was shooting fire from its hole. This killed the greedy townspeople.

The mountain was then surrounded by water and the precious stones found in its hole was submerged in water so that no one could get it. From then on, the mountain was called Taal from the old and wise leader.

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