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Frog Legend



First Published: 2013/07/20

Once upon a time, there was a prosperous village that's been blessed with a lot. The fruit bearing trees are always bountiful and the yields of the crops, rich. Their jungles were thriving with wild animals that are healthy and robust. Even their rivers and streams were filled with fish that can satisfy all. The place is truly blessed and beautiful and they were the envy of many villages.

Yet the beauty of the village reflects something else. Its inhabitants are crass, high minded, arrogant and greedy. The neighbors in the village also didn't get along with each other because nobody would just give way to one another. They each only thought about themselves.

Even visitors from distant lands are not safe from their greed and opportunism. They don't accept their visitors and make them go away specially if they think that they have no use of them. In their minds, they only think that their visitors only want to steal what they have and take advantage of them.

But all of these are about to change.

One day, two little children got lost in their village. They looked really tired and seemed to have come from a distant land. They tried looking for shelter and happened upon a stream along the periphery of the village. When they saw that the stream was clean, they bent down and opened up their hands so that they could get water and drink.

But before their hands even reached the stream, they heard loud shouts. They turned around and saw people who are very angry. The two children were made to go away.

They tried to reason with the villagers because they were really thirsty. Their throats are parched and they only wanted to drink from the stream. Yet, the people from the village didn't let them drink.

They even jumped on the stream and waddled in the mud to make it dirty so that the children would not be able to drink.

Suddenly, a bright shining light enveloped the villagers. The two children changed forms and became "diwatas".

The two angry spririts then cursed the villagers and bound them to the mud that they were standing on. From then on, they would dwell in the mud and their prosperous village would be no more.

Before the diwatas could even finish what they were saying, the villagers felt that they were changing into something else. They found themselves growing smaller yet with longer limbs. Their eyes began to bulge and their tongues grew longer.

They were then bound to the mud that they used to muddle up the waters. These frogs, are then the guardians of their inexistent village, croaking everyone away from what was once their precious home.

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