Firefly Legend

Many thousand years ago, a huge drought occurred in the world. The people’s rice fields and orchards dried up and died. Even their cattle got sick and later on died. There was no rain for a long time and the rivers and lakes dried due to the sun’s intense heat.

The people prayed fervently for rain. They danced and made sacrifices but still no rain poured down. There was not even a single cloud that formed in the sky. The sun continued its radiance and heat.

They were starting to lose hope when a mysterious couple suddenly appeared. According to Bul-an and Bitu-in, it was Bathala who sent them to the people. Bathala had heard the peoples’ cries and they came to help. Rain soon came pouring down the earth. It did not stop until there was enough to quench the thirsty land.

Soon, the people had better harvest and their cattle were healthier. Bul-an and Bitu-in were made leaders by the people. The couple were good rulers. The town was peaceful and progressive because of their reign.

The couple had an only child; a girl named Alitptap. The girl had a huge star on her forehead thus only proving she was no mere mortal. Alitaptap had many suitors as she was a beautiful girl. Bul-an approved of his daughter getting married. He wanted to have a grandchild who he can train to be a warrior. But Alitaptap’s heart is indifferent. She didn’t want to get married to anybody. She even claimed she felt nothing. This might be because she wasn’t a human who was capable of feeling any emotion.

One day a soothsayer told Bul-an that their town is in danger of being colonized if Alitaptap fails to get married and produce a child. Bul-an called for his daughter to get married as soon as possible. But Alitaptap refused for she still felt no emotion.

Bul-an got angry at Alitaptap; he prodded with his daughter but she would not budge. Because of this, Bul-an suddenly exploded. He got his sword and struck Alitaptap. The sword hit Alitaptap’s forehead breaking the star into a million pieces. Alitaptap fell to the ground lifeless. The small sparkling pieces began to grow life. It started flying out of the palace. Those were then called alitaptap.

The prediction came true and because Alitaptap was not able to produce a child their town was colonized no matter how hard their warriors tried to defend it. It ended the prosperous reign of Bul-an and Bitu-in.

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