How to reduce lag in BDO?

There are several ways to decrease your lag, and stabilize your ping in black desert that I have found through testing. I've been keeping most of these secret to myself, but have decided to share them with you, and hope these stay between only those I share it with. Thank-you.

Some of these changes you might see around the web but many are custom to Black Desert and specialized to it's connection and the way it sends and receives packets.

Before going further I have to put in this disclaimer. This is advanced computer work that is messing around with the core of how your computer operates. I take no responsibility if you mess up and brick your windows install or any problems that occur because of anything you do. Now that that's out of the way, we shall precede. Thank-you.

HOW TO Delete Cookie of Particular Domain in Chrome

This is a step-by-step DIY guide on how to delete a cookie of a specific website in google chrome.

Sleep thieves

By Nida Tenerife-Canto

Who doesn’t dream of an uninterrupted good night sleep after a long tiring day? Me, I just love to sleep the night away.

Choosing the food you eat and the amount you heap on your plate before bedtime can result to sleeplessness at night. While some bring pleasure to the palate, they rob you of the pleasure of sleep.

Continuation...How to Make a Modified Phishing URL

How to Make a Modified Phishing URL

This guide is for those beginner who wanted to setup their own phising website.

Papercraft Text Effect


8 Health Warnings Your Fingernails May Be Sending

Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but, in many ways your, nails are the window to what’s going on inside your body. Here are some common nail problems and what they mean?

Play Jigsaw Puzzle Game in VLC player

This tip or tricks will teach you on how to play puzzle in VLC player. Kindly follow the instruction and you can get the exact result.

Why You Should Reduce the AGEs in your Food

Certain Chemicals formed in your cooking give food a more desirable taste and smell, but could they be making you sick? The answer may surprise you.

Sensible ways to celebrate the holidays

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are great times for festivities, parties, reunions, and other forms of social gatherings. On such joyous occasions, families, friends, and love ones gather together to catch up with each other and to enjoy the food and drinks served.

Studies have shown that many people gain at least 1-2 pounds before they celebrate the New Year. After the celebration, another 1-2 pounds, something you will not be proud of.

There is nothing to fear, however, when these holidays roll in. You can still enjoy the fun, food, and drinks without gaining weight or feeling guilty of being indulgent.

Here are tips on how to eat and drink the healthy way during holidays:

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