Sleep thieves

By Nida Tenerife-Canto


Who doesn’t dream of an uninterrupted good night sleep after a long tiring day? Me, I just love to sleep the night away.

Choosing the food you eat and the amount you heap on your plate before bedtime can result to sleeplessness at night. While some bring pleasure to the palate, they rob you of the pleasure of sleep.


Here are some foods you need to avoid:


Spicy foods.

According to Mark Mahowald, neurology professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School, “It’s not that the spice interrupts your sleep. The spice causes heartburn, and that interrupts your sleep.” So if you love laing and vegetarian sisig better enjoy them at lunch. The excess amount of stomach acid causes heartburn, bloating, and discomfort that may disturb your sleep.


Citrus fruits.

Are you susceptible to acid reflux and or heartburn? Avoid eating citrus fruits. They increase stomach acidity, which may be cause for discomfort. Eat bananas instead. The magnesium and potassium in these fruits are natural muscle relaxants that will help your become sleepy.



Because fiber can slow down digestion and cause gas, it is bet to eat oatmeal in the morning.


Greasy and high-fat ingredients

The fat the grease – meat and cheese- may lead to heartburn or stomach ache. They also pressure your stomach to work hard to digest the grease and fat. Pizza and Ice cream, therefore, while delicious to the palate, are perfect sleep disruptor. Besides, fatty foods are slow to digest.


Diuretic foods

Celery, watermelons, strawberries, and apple vinegar cider are few examples of natural diuretics. They promote urine production. Eating them will make you urinate more.


Dark Chocolates

The high caffeine content of dark chocolate may perk you up long after you want to sleep because caffeine stays active for as long as eight to ten hours. So does the stimulant theobromine, an alkaloid that speeds up heart rate.


Junk foods

According to AskMen, “In a percent survey, 7 out of 10 people who eat junk foods, like candy bars, before bed are more likely to be prone to nightmares.”* The hypothesis is that the high levels of sugar create more nightmarish brain waves.


About the Author

Nida Tenerife-Canto, RND, is a barangay health worker and educator in Batuan Ilaud, Oton, Iloilo.




 Retrieved March 18, 2014.


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Sleep thieves


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