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Tips on Fast Web Browsing
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No matter what web browser you may use from Internet Explorer to Safari here are a few tips to ensure your browsing page loading is efficient.

1. Clear your browser cache occasionally.

2. Don't expect pages to load normally if you are downloading or uploading large data adjust your bandwidth so it will accommodate for

3. If your system isn't up to snuff for example you are running Windows XP with only a 800Mhz CPU & 128MB of RAM your internet speed
may be hindered any ways. Upgrade your system.

4. Too many add-ons may slow browser start up and page loads. Keep them down to a minimum if you can. We all love our add-ons as I do.
Watch out for bogus add-ons also scams.

5. Update your browser when your browser has an update download it. Chances are it will have better security enhancements, and also
better rendering for Flash, and Java. Wouldn't hurt to update Flash
Player and Java also if they are available.

6. For Firefox there is an add-on called Adblocker which blocks page adds.
Web adds slow down page loads. If your current web browser offers such an add-on if it is legit use it.

7. Toolbars are very bad even if you have one it could slow down browser start up and page loads. Plus most of them are riddled with
spyware, also adware, and sometimes malware which can cause your browser
to crash also infect your system including might steal credit card
numbers and monitor your web browsing habits. Yahoo's and Google's
toolbars are fine.
Heck most browser come embedded with a search bar that allows you to
choose your favorite search engines. Just be careful in the ones you
choose again there is a lot for scams out there.

8. Again if your computer is not up to snuff don't open too many tabs or new browser windows.

9. Yet again if your system is not up to snuff, if you have more than one application open your web browsing experience could be hindered
a lot.
Example is Adobe Photo Shop which uses a lot of resources. Yahoo
Messenger and things like that are fine. Though if you have only 128MB
of RAM pages will still load slow.

10. Malware, spyware, addware, trojans, & viruses. No matter what they are and how they may work when running through your system
they will slow down every thing even your web browsing page loads.
Scan your system regularly.

All these tips can help. All of us don't have the same system with the
same specs, memory, and etc... It will depend on the system, software,
memory, and hardware you may have. These tips will help all mostly the
less experienced also less fortunate.

If you have any more tips and ideas on this topic please feel free to add.

Good day and happy and safe browsing!!!
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Your harvesting ideas are so good and I like that you are doing it in a great way. Many people love to get new ideas that will be workable for them for their maximum output. Thanks for sharing these tips here.
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