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Jarhead (Marine Corps) Jargon
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Jarhead (Marine Corps) Jargon

Gear - Also "Deuce" gear; includes pack, canteen, poncho, ammo pouch,
etc. used when in the field. 782 refers to the DD Form signed when gear
is issued
As You Were:  -Resume Former Activity
Below - Downstairs 
Bird - Any aircraft 
Black Cadillacs - Combat Boots 
Blouse - Cammie Shirt 
BOHICA - Bend over here it comes again 
Boonie: Broad brimmed soft cover, usually worn by Marine snipers.
Brass - Officers' 
Brig - Military Jail 
Brown Bagger - Married Marine 
Boot Lewy - 2nd Lieutenant 
Bulkhead - Wall 
Bunker - A protective shelter 
Buttcan - Ashtray 
Butter Bar - 2nd Lieutenant 
BX - Base Exchange
Cammies - Camouflage uniform 
Canon Cocker - aka gun bunny personnel in an artillery battery 
CFT - Combat Fitness Test
Chopper - Helicopter 
Chow Hall - Where a Marine eats, like a cafateria
Civies - Civilian attire
Click - One kilometer or one notch of a rifle sigh
Cover - Marine Corps Hat
Deck - Floor 
Deuce and a half - 2.5 Ton Truck 
Devildog - Another name for a Marine 
Doggie - U.S. Army Soldier
Field Day - Barracks or Office cleanup 
Float - Deployment by ship 
Fruit Salad - Ones ribbons and badges as worn on uniform.
FUBAR - Short for - F---ed Up Beyond All Recognition or Repair 
Geedunk - Another term for food, usually a snack 
GI Party - Cleaning the Barracks
GIG line - the straight line when the shirt and belt buckle and zipper are all aligned.
Go Fasters - Running shoes 
Gob - WWII slang for Squid (Sailor)
Good to go - Ready to move, agree with, situation ok 
Gook - A Vietnamese civilian, expanded to include any oriental 
Grunt - A Marine infantryman 
Gung Ho - Very enthusiastic and committed
Hatch - Door/doorway 
Head - Bathroom / Restroom 
High and Tight - Another term for a haircut 
Horn - Radio 
Hump - Field March
Jarhead - Another name for a Marine 
John Wayne - A grandstander, or descriptive of a bold act, or any act which
is typical in the movies but not sound Marine procedure, such as firing a
machine gun from the hip. Also, a simple can opener that can be carried
on the dogtag chain.
Ink Stick - Black Pen
K-BAR - Marine fighting knife 
Klick - A kilometer
LPC's - Leather personnel carriers ... boots 
Ladderwell - Stairwell 
Leave - Vacation time 
Liberty - Rest and relaxation - Authorized absence up to 96 hours 
Lifer - Career Marine 
Light Up - To fire on the enemy 
Lipstick Lieutenant - Chief Warrant Officer 5 
Lock and Load - Put ammunition in a weapon and prepare to fire
Ma Deuce - M2 BMG .50Cal. machine gun 
Maggie's Drawers - A red flag on the range connoting a miss 
Maggot - DI's affectionate name for a recruit 
Mess Hall - Cafeteria where a Marine eats 
MOS - Military occupational specialty (job) 
Moon Beam - Flashlight 
Moon Floss - Toilet paper 
Most Ricky Tick - In a hurry; with a purpose; move fast
NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer 
Nonhacker - A man who can't perform under pressure
0-Dark Thirty - After midnight, but before working hours 
Office Hours - Appearing before the Commanding Officer for discipline (NJP) 
OOH RAH - Motivational call. See the USMC Facts page for the history and origin of this word. Also spelled OO RAH
PCS - Permanent change of station 
PFT - Physical Fitness Test 
PT - Physical Training 
Piece - Rifle 
Pogybait - Candies 
Pouge - Anyone other than infantry (headquarters personnel)
Rack - Bed 
Rain Locker - Shower
Rock - Dumb person, idiot 
Rustpicker (Rust Picker) - slang for Sailor. Given this name for the job that some saliors must do (pick rust off ships).
SNAFU - Situation Normal, All Fouled Up 
Scuttlebutt - Rumor; Gossip / water fountain 
Secure - lock up, close, take care of, finish for the day 
Semper Scrotus - Always on the ball
Semper Gumby - Always flexible
Shit on a Shingle - Creamed beef on toast, a Marine delicacy 
Shitbird - A sloppy Marine 
Shit Storm - Combat or any violent activity 
Skivvies - Underwear 
Slop Chute  - Bar 
Smedly - An enlisted man who caters to officers and staff nco's in the mess
hall. Coined in honor of Smedly Butler, a Marine legend, for an obvious
Smell Good - Deodorant or Cologne
Smoking Lamp - A shipboard tradition which indicates permission to smoke (lit) or not to smoke (out) 
Sparks - A man whose MOS is radioman or field communications 
Squid - Sailor 
Swab - Mop
TARFU - Things Are Really Fouled Up 
Ten (10) Percenter - One of the small number of nonhackers in any unit 
Tiger Piss - Coined in Vietnam, rotgut booze in a brand name container 
Topside - Upstairs
UA - Unauthorized absence
Water Buffalo - A large water tank on wheels 
Whitewall - Standard Marine haircut 
WM - Woman Marine
Zoomie - Anyone in the U.S. Air Force
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