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First Published: 2014/05/29

1. Which of the following statements is true about teacher – parent relationship?

            a. Parents should be welcome in school and treated with consideration.

            b. Parents should be welcome only during PTA meetings.

            c. Parents are given the rights to interfere in school management

            d. Parents should be given a hand in evaluating students’ performance in school.

2. A person strives to work at a given task because of a need. Which of the following situation can make a person strive to meet his needs?

            a. Ask pupils to submit questions or reactions from which you can select items for             tests or topics for discussion.

            b. Minimize the unpleasant consequences of student involvement.

            c. Utilize your comprehension as teacher in making final decision in the                           classroom.

            d. User unfamiliar as examples in order to arouse their curiosity.

3. You have a student who is always boasting in the class his mastery of the Bible because he is protestant. How would you react being a Catholic?

            a. Challenge him to a debate.

            b. Share with him your knowledge of the Bible.

            c. Keep silent and respect his belief.

            d. Listen to him once in a while.

4. Mrs. Dioneda was scheduled to give district demonstration one morning but her husband needed her presence in his office. What should she do under these circumstances?

            a. Send a note to her principal asking to be excused.

            b. Go with her husband to support him and then proceed to her demonstration                   even if she would be late.

            c. Send her lesson plan to her co-teacher who can substitute for her.

            d. Arrange her schedule so that she can be with her husband immediately after                  her demonstration.

5.All the statements below are kinds of pleasure. Which one is morally good?

            a. Pleasure in winning in a beauty contest by means of ballot.

            b. Pleasure in offering one’s hard-earned grades to one’s parents.

            c. Pleasure in winning in a chance number game.

            d. Pleasure in winning a sports game by default.

6. The chairman of committee which you are a member of, came to you personally to inform you about a meeting at 2:00 in the afternoon the next day. You are sure you could attend it because of an earlier appointment that us equally important. What would you do?

            a. Send a proxy to the meeting instead.

            b. Call up before the meeting starts and tell her you will not be able to attend.

            c. Answer “yes” as if you are sure you will attend.

            d. Tell her honestly that you wanted to but you have committed yourself to other               appointment.

7. Happiness is different from pleasure in being an abiding consequences of result which is not destroyed even by the presence of pain. The best illustration of this principle is:

            a. a student topping the board exam

            b. a mother giving birth

            c. an engaged couple getting married

            d. a jackpot winner collecting his prize

8. The barangay leaders request you to explain the present comprehensive agrarian reform program to the barangay members. What would be the best thing to do?

            a. Inform them that the implementing rules and guidelines are being prepared in                 the Congress.

            b. Invite a resource speaker from DAR.

            c. Take it up as a lesson in all intermediate classes for further dissemination to                 parents.

            d. Distribute copies of the handouts on the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform                       Program.

9. As a parent and at the same time a teacher, which of the following will you do to show your cooperation to a PTA project in your school to be financed with the proceeds of the sales from the school canteen where food prices are a little bit higher?

           a. Buy all your food in the school canteen but request for a discount.

            b. Bring baon for you and your children but always make it a point to buy                           something from the school canteen.

            c. Bring baon enough for you and your children even if you really do not like to do                it.

            d. Buy all your food the school canteen even if you cannot afford to do so every                 day.

10. How can you help a habitual borrower of money get rid of his habit?

            a. Do not lend him anymore.

            b. Let him do something for you in return for the money you lent him.

            c. Direct him to others.

            d. Ask for a collateral for the cash he is loaning.

11. Since you are looked up to as a leader in the community, what would you do if the barangay caption seeks your advice on some important matters?

            a. Inform the barangay captain that you have to get permission from your principle.

            b. Recommend a co-teacher to take your place.

            c. Discuss with the barangay captain how you can be of best help to him.

            d. Impress upon the barangay captain that you really know what to do for all his                  problems.

12. Which of the following is another illustration of happiness?

            a. A family dining at a 5 star hotel

            b. A family admiring their newly bought car

            c. A family looking at their crops ready to harvest

            d. A family on their way for a Hongkong holiday

13. Which of the following situations will manage conflicting situations to bring out values enhancing nationhood?

            a. Kidnapped victims’ refusal to report cases to authorities and paying ransom                   money instead.

            b. The coding of squatters before election time and evicting them after election.

c. Aling Tacing and her son patiently pick out worms and insects in their vegetable plot rather than use insecticides made from foreign chemicals.

            d. Hostage-taking incidents leading to the granting of the hostage takers demands in exchange for the release of the hostages.

14. A barangay captain needs money to save their barangay and neighboring barangay from flood caused by illegal logging. There is no appropriations for this project. Which of these actions will you take?

            a. Involve the community in preparing a financial plan

            b. Accept the offer of the richest illegal logger to finance the project

            c. Stop all illegal loggers in engaging with their illegal work

            d. Involve all citizens in the barangay and its neighbors to do reforestation

15. You teach in a “privileged” school where each classroom is air-conditioned. Aware of the present economic problems of the country, how do you think your schools can contribute to the solution of this problem of the country?

a. Students cannot be made to sacrifices and recite in warm classrooms especially that they do not directly cause the country’s economic problem

            b. Air-conditioning of classrooms could be cut off on certain days especially if they             are not in use

c. Savings on cutting down air-conditioning could be spent on other worthwhile activities for the students

            d. Air conditioning is such a small-matter that saving on it could hardly affect the               economy.

16. Which of the following situations will manage conflicting situations to bring out values enhancing nationhood?

            a. Filipino models posing nude to advertisers

            b. Ambush interviews of politicians

            c. Distributing lands to the land less tenants

            d. Celebrating the Centennial of Independence

17. You were asked by your head to buy gifts for the family of their foreign friend. You were told to decide. Which of these gifts you will buy?

            a. embroided Philippine products

            b. chinaware dining set

            c. a set of towels and imported bed sheets with pillow cases

            d. a pair of very expensive elephants for good luck

18. The chairman in the election precinct wants you to change the entries in the election returns in exchange for special favors. It would be best for you to:

            a. say NO and be firm in your decision.

            b. say YES but do not do it

            c. change some as discretely as you can

            d. tell him to make the changes himself

19. Which of the following situations will mange conflicting situations to bring out values enhancing nationhood?

            a. A barangay captain accepts relief goods to help the flood victims.

b. An old-fashioned grand-mother insists in the “pamanhikan” way of asking for the hand of her grandson’s socialite fiancée.

c. A Filipina entertainer in a formal gathering requiring wearing of the official attire of one’s country opted instead to wear something similar to another country’s costume.

d. A Filipino singer wants to impress his audience in a foreign land by singing the songs of the foreign country and imitating the way the songs are sang by native speakers of that country.

20. Which of the following is the best situation wherein you can balance responsibility and accountability?

            a. A fireman responds to a fire call because all the other fireman are doing so.

            b. A fireman responds to a fire call to save life and property.

            c. A fireman responds to a fire call because he is paid to do so.

            d. A fireman responds to a fire call because his fire chief reprimands him if he does not.

21. Which of the following situation will manage conflicting situation to bring out values enhancing nationhood?

            a. A shoemaker decided to abandon his shop to go to the city.

            b. A fisherman taught his son how to use dynamite in order to get a bigger catch.

c. A Filipina beauty queen candidate for a world title tried to imitate native English speakers in answering questions.

d. Conchita gifted her British visiting friend with native bags, sandals and hand-embroided blouse.

22. Which of the following is the best situation wherein you can balance rights and authority?

            a. Mrs. Diesta sets ten o’clock for her 15 year old son’s curfew hour.

            b. Mrs. Diesta allows her 15 year old son stay out as long as he wants.

            c. Mrs. Diesta completely forbids her 15 year old son to stay out at night.

            d. Mrs. Diesta her 15 year old son to stay out late as long as he is with friends.

23. Which of the following is the best situation wherein you can balance responsibility and accountability?

            a. A carpenter, paid on an hourly basis rushes his work to accomplish more unmindful of the quality of work.

            b. A carpenter, paid on an hourly basis delays his work to get bigger pay.

            c. A carpenter, paid on an hourly basis does his work with the right quality only when the master carpenter is present.

            d. A carpenter, paid on an hourly basis tries to finish as much possible without sacrificing quality.

24. When a teacher practices professional ethics, which of the following he is not likely to do?

            a. maintains cordial relationship with his colleagues

            b. shares an outstanding outcome of an undertaking with others

            c. engages in gossips

            d. respects his superiors

25. In his relationship with his superiors the teacher should:

            a. work with self-vested interests

            b. work with them without expecting any material benefits

            c. expect to be promoted for every favor done to them

            d. adopt and indifferent attitude

26. A teacher can best help a withdrawn child to assert himself and win the respect of his classmates by:

            a. giving him opportunity to show his talents

            b. providing him leadership roles

            c. always calling him to answer questions

            d. encouraging him to study harder to outwit his classmates

27. The best way for a teacher to impart values to his pupils is:

            a. constant repetition of actions to make them routinary

            b. inflicting corporal punishment

            c. acting as a role model

            d. always scolding his pupils

28. While serving during the elections, some trouble makers enter your precinct. What do you think is the most appropriate thing to do?

            a. Challenge them to a duel

            b. Close the precinct and go home

            c. Ignore them and look for a safe place

            d. Seek the assistance of law enforcer

29. Schools must train the students to be productive for the following reasons:

            I. To become economically self-reliant;

            II. To cushion the impact of El Nino;

            III. To compare favorably with those in other parts of the world,

            IV. To gain control over others.

            Which of the following conduct of a teacher will merit the confidence and respect of parents?

            a. III and IV                                                                  c. II and III

            b. I, II, and IV                                                              d. I and III

30. Which of the following conduct of a teacher will merit the confidence and respect of parents?

            a. One who dresses properly depending on the occasion, mingles with all kinds of              parents and entertains all complaints.

            b. One who gives on the spot decisions over cases which require careful                           deliberation.

            c. One who deals only with well-to-do parents and intelligent pupils.

d. One who dresses properly, arranges the hair meticulously, and entertains only the high officials of government and school.

31. Which of the following situations will manage conflicting situations to bring out values enhancing nationhood?

            a. After a 20 year stay in London as a housekeeper. Mila decided to return to her               country and share her retirement pay with her relatives and friends in the form of a             business venture.

            b. Illegal recruitment of Filipinos by Foreigners.

            c. Filipinos act as a drug couriers unsuspectingly to foreign lands by foreign drug               syndicates.

            d. Filipino actresses accepting roles against Filipina modesty in favor of attractive             remuneration.

32. Which of the following will you do if somebody confided to you an offense which will implicate your brother?

            a. Find out the full account of the matter.

            b. Tell him to report the matter to the authorities.

            c. Advise the person who confided to you get the services of the lawyer.

            d. Encourage him to keep quiet so as not to implicate your brother.

33. Underground economy is a great help in improving the country’s economy. Banana cue, camote cue, barbecue and the like are sold in school and other public places. Students are captive buyers. To augment her income, Mrs. Reyes is selling in school. Which of the following does Mrs. Reyes need to do?

            a. Increase the price of hers since the students will no longer go out of the                         campus.

            b. Ask her students to sell her items in different places.

            c. Sell her items lower than the prevailing price to help the students.

            d. Seek her co-teachers to help her sell her items.

34. Which of the following situations will manage conflicting situations to bring out values enhancing nationhood?

a. A local manager took his company’s counterpart based abroad to a very typical resort famous for all Filipino cuisine and entertainment.

a. The balut vendor who agrees with the foreigners that the balut are rotten eggs that should not be eaten.

c. A balikbayan comes home wearing leather jacket, high leather boots, and dark glasses one summer evening.

d. A balikbayan teenager greets her grandmother with a “Hi” instead of kissing her hand to show that she is now a state-side.

35. Garbage disposal has become a serious problem in your community. Garbage are scattered and flies are feasting on it. As a teacher which of the following will be your priority?

            a. Lead the students to burn there own trash in their own yard.

            b. Create a desire among your students to clean the community as an outcome of             your lesson.

            c. Start a campaign to put up a covered garbage can in every home.

            d. Write the major for assistance in cleaning the place.

36. The key to continuing community support for an instructional program is to –

            a. Develop a program responsive to changing needs of the community.

            b. Allow community participation in the evaluation of teachers performance.

            c. Maintain an instructional program that stresses a traditional academic                           education.

            d. Rely on the media to improve the image of the school.

37. Which of the following Filipino attitudes is enhanced by the teaching of “Planting Rice Is Never Fun”?

            a. Increase ones tolerance                                              c. Dislike for works

            b. Love for the farm                                                      d. Love for music

38. An inventor is offered by a foreigner four times as much as what he will get practicing in the Philippines. He refused the offer. Is he right? Which of the following is the best answer?

            a. No, because opportunity knock but once.

            b. Yes, because his invention will help improve the country.

            c. Yes, because the beneficiaries of his invention are his relatives.

            d. Yes, because the amount he will get from the foreigner can also be spent in the             Philippines.

39. Which of the following situation will manage conflicting situations to bring out values enhancing nationhood?

            a. A logger was asked to replace the tress he cut.

            b. Filipino contract workers abroad accepting lower wages than other contract                      workers from other countries performing the same job.

            c. A baby dress exporter changes the quality, workmanship wise, of the goods                   she delivers to her foreign partner after learning of the great profit her partner is                   getting.

            d. Local manufacturers agreeing business partners to provide cheap labor by Filipino workers.

40. Pick out the teacher-students relationship that was violated when Miss Vera gave Marie a grade of 75% in her Science class due to poor conduct?

            a. A teacher should not make deductions on pupil’s scholastic ratings for acts                      that are not manifestations of poor achievement.

            b. A teacher may deduct on pupil’s scholastic ratings for acts that are                                 manifestations of poor moral values.

            c. Maintain an instructional program that stresses a traditional academic                             education.

            d. Rely on the media to improve the image of the school.

41. Norman, a second year student, received a failing grade in English in the second grading period. The teacher requested a conference. During the conference, the teacher, in trying to make a point, compared Norman’s grade with the other members of the class. An argument ensued between the parent and the teacher. Which of the following is a fundamental mistake the teacher is conducting the conference?

            a. The teacher did not close the conference with a constructive commitment.

            b. The teacher’s comment directed attention away from the problems.

            c. The teacher did not have an interview guide to use during the conference.     

            d. The teacher showed her bias against the students.

42. A police officer informs you that there has been a rash of stealing within the vicinity of the school. He asks you for the names of some clients you believe might have been involved. Which of the following will you do?

            a. Remind the police officer of confidentiality if information.

            b. Promise him that you will ask information about the crime.

            c. Provide him with the names of likely suspects.

            d. Ask him to seek permission from the principal.

43. What will you do with the extra amount of voluntary contribution you solicited from your class for typhoon victims?

            a. Spend the extra contribution for their own needs.

            b. Return the extra amount to them.

            c. Buy some snacks and distribute them to your pupils.

            d. Use the extra contribution to buy visual aids.

44. Which of the following should a teacher do if she cannot pay the monthly installment of an appliance she got a department store in their town?

a. Offer to return the used appliance to the store on the condition that she will be refunded on the monthly installment she paid.

            b. Move to another neighborhood to escape payment.

            c. Reject any notice of demand for payment to make the impression that she did                not receive any.

d. Inform the manager of the store personally and make a satisfactory arrangement of payment on or before the due date.

45. Which of the following is the best situation wherein you can balance responsibility and accountability?

a. A construction firm who won the lowest bid for the construction of a bridge employs the lowest paid workers to justify his lowest bid.

b. A construction firm who won the lowest bid for the construction of the bridge hurries his workers so they can work on other projects.

c. A construction firm who won the lowest bid for the construction of a bridge lets his workers to themselves while he looks on other project to bid on.

d. A construction firm who won the lowest bid for the construction of a bridge carefully supervises his workers on the project.

46. Which of the following will you recommended to a senior high school scholar who is impregnated by a fellow students?

            a. Force her boyfriend to marry her.

            b. Tell her parents about her condition.

            c. Stop schooling till after she gave birth.

            d. Direct her to an abortion clinic.

47. Normal conflicts can be avoided into becoming crises through appropriate and timely intervention. How can this be done?

            a. A case conference is immediately called.

            b. The principal intervenes in the case.

            c. The counselor should be a friend to the counselee.

            d. Identify and analyze the problem and it causes.

48. Mr. Dioneda, an incoming Mayor, is interested to know where to focus his attention relative to human rights violation in his town. He requested you conduct the survey. What human rights was violated in a war of aggression?

            a. right to own property                                                            c. right to life

            b. right to form family                                                              d. right to work

49. What does teaching require teachers to be most alert to?

            a. public concerns about education

            b. poor behavior and use if immediate punishment

            c. the family backgrounds of students

            d. appropriate behavior and reward

50. You received and advice from the COMELEC that you will be the chairman in Precinct 3A in your town. You are the first cousin of one of the candidates for councilors. Your cousin and your parents are very happy for your appointment. What will you do?

            a. I will report to Precinct 3A and do my job very well.

            b. I will help my cousin by requesting the voters in my precinct to vote for him.

c. I will decline the appointment and explain to the COMELEC that I have a relative who is a candidate for councilor.

            d. I will read the name of my cousin even if his name does not appear in the ballot.


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