1. He is considered as the greatest English writer. He is also known as “bard of Avon.”
  1. Geoffry Chauser                             c. William Shakespeare
  2. Sir Walter Scott                              d. Francis Bacon
  1. Of the following quotations, which is the best example of an aphorism?
  1. “That is no country for old men.”
  2. “I fear thee, ancient mariner.”
  3. “Fools rush in where angels fear to thread.”
  4. “Out of the frying and into the fire.”
  1. He is known as the father of horror stories.
  1. Edgar Allan Poe                             c. William Faulkner
  2. Mark Twain                                               d. Harriet Beecher Stowe
  1. Severe financial crisis would cause reduction in teaching positions, increase in class sizes, decrease in the number of special programs, reduction of supplies, etc. In such a situation, those who will be most affected in schools are
  1. School administrators.                     c. parents.
  2. Students.                                        d. teachers.
  1. Taking an examination is like baking an apple pie. The first step is to gather the ingredients, mix them, prepare the crust, place it on a pie pan, and then bake in an oven at 350 degrees. This suffers from –
  1. An omitted conclusion                     c. a hasty generalization
  2. Alliteration                                      d. a faulty comparison
  1. In Macbeth we see a man whose downfall was caused by
  1. Supernatural intervention
  2. A naturally blood-thirsty disposition
  3. An unfair plot against his life
  4. Overwhelming ambition for power
  1. “How much money did you bring for shopping?” which of the following answers this question”
  1. I have some change in my purse.
  2. None, but I have a credit card.
  3. I have P500.00 inside the envelope in my desk.
  4. All the cash I have was spent at the grocery store yesterday.
  1. Don Quixote, hero of Cervantes’ immoral novel, rode forth –
  1. In quest of the holy grail
  2. To see the world and seek a fortune
  3. To defend the oppressed and right the wrong
  4. To see his king and country
  1. The ash from Mt. Pinatubo has been found to have gold content of only 20 parts per billion which as far below commercial levels. As such, officials have warned against hopes of a new “gold rush”.
  1. There is new hope for boosting the economy of the Philippines.
  2. The3 gold content of the ash from mount Mt. Pinatubo does not have commercial value.
  3. There is a possibility of existing gold mines beneath Mt. Pinatubo.
  4. There is a need to explore what else lies beneath Mt. Pinatubo.


  1. Adults acquire new words and experience primarily through –
  1. Casual explanation from peers         c. exposure to their use
  2. Formal instruction in school             d. use of thesaurus


  1. A readability mismatch happens when the reading levels of books exceed the reading levels of the students. In this situation, the students experience frustration and they fall short of the expected and desired output. A student who finds himself/herself in such a mismatch will likely do which of the following?
  1. Present an argument that the selection or story read was not properly written.
  2. Write a comprehensive reaction paper regarding the selection or story read.
  3. Manifest an expected and commensurate emotional reaction to the selection or story read.
  1. Gothic architecture is known for its –
  1. Decorated ceilings.                         c. height
  2. Pointed arches.                               d. round domes.
  1. All of the following correctly descries the BALLAD, EXCEPTS –
  1. A ballad often rhymes a b c d.         c. a ballad often uses learned language.
  2. A ballad uses dialogue.                   d. a ballad is a narrative poem.
  1. An electric industrial company has developed a computer program that can use photographs of faces to predict how an unborn child will look like.
  1. A computer analyzes facial characteristics from a photograph.
  2. A computer can predict the looks of future children as well as of their parents.
  3. A computer can choose the right mate and predict the ageing process.
  4. A computer can predict the number of children of newlyweds.
  1. Van Gogh, the artist, felt that GOD should not be judged on this earth which he felt represents one of his sketches that turned out badly. Which of the following maybe inferred from this passage?
  1. Van Gogh felt that more evil than good exists on earth.
  2. Van Gogh felt that that this earth was created but not completed by GOD.
  3. Van Gogh felt that GOD created more than one universe.
  4. Van Gogh believed that more than one earth exists.
  1. “Values education is integrated in the curriculum of all levels.” Which of the following supports this statements.
  1. New teachers will be hired.
  2. Additional classrooms will be needed.
  3. Values education is stressed in all subjects at all levels.
  4. There is need for training of teachers to teach.
  1. According to current linguistic theories, which of the following is the best definition of the meaning of a word.
  1. Its general, dictionary definition.      c. its corresponding idea in the mind.
  2. Its object to which it refers.             d. its use in a particular situation.
  1. “Once I passed through a populous city imprinting my brain for future use with its shows, architecture, customs, traditions. Yet now, of all that city I remember only a woman I casually met who detained me for love of me.” This passage is an example of –
  1. A blank verse.                                c. metered poetry.
  2. Prose.                                            d. free verse.
  1. In writing his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin stated that he was unable to arrive at perfection. “Yet, I was, by the endeavor, a happier and better man I otherwise should have been if I had attempted it”. Which of the following best describes Franklin attempt to achieve perfection?
  1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.      c. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  2. Time is money.                               d. Ambition is its own reward.
  1. In the Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dante was wrongfully imprisoned in –
  1. The  conciergerie                                     c. Devil’s Island
  2. The Bastille                                                                d. the Castle of Chillon
  1. Teachers have the responsibility for the development of children’s competencies in basic concepts and principles of free speech. Therefore, if we want children to develop their own voices in a free society, teachers must support participatory democratic experiences in the daily classroom activities through –
  1. Consideration for cultural and gender differences.
  2. Concepts and principles of free speech.
  3. Indoctrination on the principles if society.
  4. Developing children’s citizenship competence.
  1. The Nibelungenlied is a –
  1. Latin Myth.                                                 d. Chinese legend          
  2. Medieval German epic.                        c. Russian folk song.
  1. This is Tom, whom I am sure, will be glad to help you. –
    1. No change                                                  c. Tom who I am sure
    2. Tom, whom I am sure                            d. Tom, who I am sure
  2. Ronnie has scarcely no equal as a pitcher –
    1. No change                                                  c. has scarcely with equal
    2. Has scarcely an equal                             d. has hardly and equal
  3. Having studied eight weeks, he now feels sufficiently prepared for the examination.
  1. Since he’s been spending the last eight weeks in study
  2. Due to eight weeks of study
  3. No change
  4. Fort eight weeks he studies so
  1. The belief of ancient scientist was that the maggots are generated from decaying bodies and filth and are not formed by reproduction.
  1. The ancient scientists believe           c. the ancient scientists belief were
  2. No change                                                  d. the ancient beliefs of scientists was
  1. The amount of water in living cells vary, but it is usually 65 percent and in some organism maybe as high as 95 percent or more of the total substance.
  1. The amount of water varies in living cells
  2. No change
  3. The amount of water vary in living cells
  4. The amount of water in living cells varies
  1. The respiratory membrane, through which exchange of gases occurs, are the things of the lungs.
  1. Through which exchange of gas occurs          c. no change
  2. After gases are exchanged                                 d. through which gas is exchanged
  1. Delegates to the political convention found difficulty to choose a candidate from among the few nominated.
  1. It difficult in making the choice of
  2. No change
  3. It difficult to choose
  4. Making a choice difficult in selecting




Select the letter of the word or phrase that defines the capitalized word(s) in each sentence.

  1. Lepidopterology is WHERE YOU STUDY moths and butterflies.
  1. Moths and butterflies are studied by lepidopterology.
  2. The study of moths and butterflies is lepidopterology.
  3. Lepidopterology is the study if moths and butterflies.
  4. Lepidopterology studies moth and butterflies.
  1. He was NEITHER QUALIFIED to lead this country NOR WAS HE SERIOUS.
  1. Neither was he qualified nor was he serious to lead this country.
  2. He was neither qualified nor serious to lead this country.
  3. Neither qualified nor serious was he to lead this country.
  4. He was qualified but not serious to lead this country.
  1. She goes to plays, cultural exhibits, and walking every morning.
  2. She enjoys plays, cultural exhibits and morning walks.
  3. She enjoys going to plays, exhibitions, and to walk every morning.
  4. She goes to plays, watching exhibits, and walking every morning.
  1. Patricia is taller than ANY GIRL in her class.
  1. Patricia is the taller girl in the glass.
  2. Patricia is taller than the other girls in the class.
  3. Patricia is the taller than the other girls in the class.
  4. Patricia is taller than any other girl in her class.
  1. The hunter stalked the wild boar slowly, cautiously, and IN SILENT MANNER.
  1. And in silence                                                           c. and silently
  2. And also used silence                                            d. any by acting silently
  1. How much HAS FUEL COSTS RAISED during the past year?
  1. Has fuel costs rose                                                  c. have fuel costs risen
  2. Has fuel costs risen                                                 d. have fuel cost raised
  1. About a thousand people GATHERED, THEY WERE THERE PROTESTING the construction of a nuclear power plant.
  1. Gathered, protesting against                             c. gathered to protest
  2. Gathered for the purpose of protesting        d. gathered-they were protesting
  1. There was a QUEUE at the lunch counter.
  1. New service strategy                                             c. Line of people awaiting for their turn
  2. Slow service                                                              d. Fast service rendered
  1. That was the most CHAOTIC era of the Hundred Years War.
  1. Helpless                                                                      c. Disgusting
  2. Unfortunate                                                               d. Disorderly
  1. Astrology is the form of DIVINATION.
  1. State of bliss              .                                               c. Unfortunate events.
  2. Sanctification.                                                           d. foretelling future events.
  1. There was an ESOTERIC lecture on holography.
  1. Sometimes ancient                                                                c. Irrefutable proof
  1. Out of context                                                          d. Understandable only by a select group.
  1. The brain can store ADMONITORY information.
  1. Past experience                                                       c. Valuable data
  2. Advanced knowledge                                            d. Warning to avoid danger
  1. Those tribes are INTRPID pioneers of the islands.
  1. Hardworking                                                              c. Very brave
  2. Self-reliant                                                                 d. Unfriendly



  1. TRANSCEDENTAL meditation is practiced in Yoga.
  1. Momentary                                                                                c. Heavenly
  2. Interpretative                                                           d. Supernatural
  1. They were showered with extraordinary AMENITIES of the luxurious hotel.
  1. Hostilities                                                                   c. Pardons
  2. Comforts                                                                     d. Jokes
  1. Form all the report of the Philippines Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration, we Deducted that we were in for bad weather.
  1. Led away                                                                     c. undermined
  2. Subtracted                                                                  d. Reached a conclusion
  1. There was a CONFLAGRATION in the forest of Palawan.
  1. General Assembly                                                   c. Large destructive fire
  2. Fierce encounter                                                     d. Massive free planting
  1. The EQUINOX usually occurs on or close to March 21 and September 23.
  1. Time when days are longer than the nights
  2. Time when day and night are equal length all over the earth
  3. Time when heavy rainfall
  4. Time when days are shorter than the nights
  1. The usually DOCILE cows become unruly during a storm.
  1. Lovable                                                                        c. Easy to manage
  2. Helpless                                                                      d. Innocent
  1. The next millennium in another PHASE in history.
  1. A shadow of the past                                             c. A trouble to anticipate
  2. A confusion of mind                                                               d. A stage or changing state of development
  1. She had ILLUSIVE dreams of instant wealth.
  1. Tending to slip away                                              c. Moving swiftly
  2. Beyond comprehension                                       d. Based on false ideas

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