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First Published: 2014/05/29

1. The most frequent score in distribution is the ______________.

            a. mode                        b. mean                        c. midpoint                   d. median

2. Which is the most stable measures of central tendency?

            a. median                                                         c. percentage

            b. mean                                                            d. percentile rank

3. Norms obtained in a certain school evaluate pupil/student performance

            a. national norms                                              c. grade norms

            b. local norms                                                   d. age norms

4. What should a teacher before constructing items for a particular test?

            a. Review the previous lessons

            b. Determine the length of time for answering it

            c. Announce to the student the scope of the test

            d. Prepare the table of specification

5. Under what type of multiple choice test can this question be classified? “Which of the following statements expresses this concepts in different forms?”

            a. Cause                                                                       c. definition

            b. Association                                                               d. Difference                

6. Setting up criteria for scoring essay tests is meant to increase their __________.

            a. reliability                                                                  c. affective

            b. validity                                                                     d. usability

7. Read the following objective carefully “After listening to a group report on ecology the students are expected to defend their position on the issue.” To what domain does it belong?

            a. psychomotor                                                             c. affective

            b. cognitive                                                                  d. perceptive

8. The control group in an experimental study is the group which is ____________.

            a. compared to the normal group

            b. not given the treatment under study

            c. given the treatment under study

            d. not included in the study

9. Carol obtained a 97 percentile rank in an aptitude test. This means that ________.

            a. she answered 97% of the items correctly

            b. she belongs to the 97% of the group who took the test

            c. 97% of the examinees did better than her who took the test

            d. she surpassed 97% of those who took the test

10. Stanines may be used as means of integrating raw scores. What is its bases?

            a. distribution of the raw scores in a sampling population

            b. distribution of the percentages in the normal curve

            c. unselected and identical population

            d. purposive and random population

11. A class got a mean raw score of 50 and a SD of 5 in an 80 item in a physics test. If Nica is a member of the class and her score is 60. Which of the following describes her performance?

            a. Nica scores 2 standard deviations below the class mean

            b. Nica missed answering correctly 49% of the test items

            c. Nica scores 2 standard deviation above the class mean

            d. Nica scored better than 60%

12. What is the advantage of using computers in processing test result?

            a. Its processing takes a shorter period of time

            b. Test results can easily be assessed

            c. Its statistical computation is accurate

            d. All of these

13. Which of the following statements about the validity and reliability of a test is TRUE?

            a. A valid test is always valid but a reliable test is not always valid

            b. A reliable test measures what it tends to measure

            c. A reliable test contains representative items from all important topics covered

            d. A valid test consist of test items that have moderate levels of difficulty

14. The English class of Ms. Reyes is composed of students with different mental abilities although they are in the same curriculum level. What should she do first so she can make a good start?

            a. Ask them to tell something about themselves

            b. Make them write a brief composition about their plans and aspirations

            c. Determine their strength and weaknesses through a diagnostic test

            d. Call for a dialog with parents

15. The major shortcoming of school grades or mark is that:

            a. the school’s different clientele find them satisfactory

            b. they make students become more cooperative

            c. the same grade may mean differently to different teachers

            d. they reflect the true word on performance

16. What is the step the teacher should take in carrying out a research?

            a. identify the problem                                                  c. advance hypothesis

            b. gather data                                                                d. formulate tentative solution

17. Which of the following is a tool for evaluating personal social judgment of students?

            a. Interview guide                                                         c. Sociometry

            b. Observation checklist                                                            d. All of these

18. The following are factors affecting evaluation of essay responses EXCEPT;

            a. the present condition                                                 c. answers written on the paper

            b. mood of the rater                                                      d. volume of the test papers

19. It is generally believed that the best way of meeting the needs of mentally superior learners is trough _________.

            a. enriching the curriculum

            b. accelerating them

            c. involving them in extra-curricular activities

            d. providing opportunities for them to help the slow learners

20. What should be AVOIDED in arranging the items of the final form of the test?

a. Space the items so they can be read easily

b. Follow a definite response pattern for the correct answers to insure ease of scoring

c. Arrange the sections such that they progress from the very simple to very complex

d. Keep all the items and options together on the same page

21. Which of the following test items is compatible with the given objective?

OJECTIVE: “Demonstrate ability to apply rules involved in multiplying part of digit numbers”

Test items:

            a. Multiply the following set of number

                        345       987       543       194

                        264       208       270       456

            b. Multiply 234 x 56

            c. Multiply the following set of numbers

                        316       152       235       456

                          13        46        37        89

            d. Multiply 315 x .25

22. In which of the following types of research would data processing using computer be MOST advantageous?

            a. descriptive                                                    c. experimental

            b. historical                                                      d. causal-comparative

23. In which of these research methods can the researcher control certain variables?

            a. qualitative                                                     c. experimental

            b. descriptive                                                    d. historical

24. Of the following types of tests which is the most subjective in scoring?

            a. multiple choice                                             c. simple recall

            b. matching type                                               d. essay

25. In constructing achievements tests, the first step is to:

            a. determine the highest rating to be given to students

            b. assess the teaching capability of teachers

            c. determine the content and skills covered by test

            d. determine the characteristics of highest takes

26. which of the following methods would improve the validity and reliability of an examinations?

            a. providing hints in answering the test items

            b. providing time allotment for each item

            c. giving long essay test items

            d. giving weights to the items for scoring

27. The following are test scores in geometry arranged in a descending order 52 52 42 41 37 37 37 37 30                30 30 25 28. Based on the data given, what is the mean?

            a. 36.77                                    b. 34.60                        c. 33.92                        d. 33.08

28. The following reasons why we evaluate the learning outcomes EXCEPT:

            a. provide tangible evidence useful in interpreting school achievements to the community

            b. provide parents information on how well their children are doing in school

            c. analyze the learning task

            d. monitor student progress

29. What recognized principle in test construction is violated in this item?

            The food value of camote tops is:

            1. mineral

            2. mineral and iron

            3. protein

            4. all of these

            a. Each item should test only one idea.

            b. The linguistic difficulty of the item should be low.

            c. Make all options grammatically consistent with the item.

            d. Avoid textbook wording or stereotyped phraseology.

30. Miss Dioneda observes that some of her pupils do well in written tests but they seldom participate in oral activities. It would be advisable for her to:

            a. make use of group dynamics such as buzz sessions, small group discussion, etc.

            b. tell the student that full credit is given to written work

            c. assign the students to take turns in reading the lessons to the class

            d. stress to the student participation in the recitation makes up 25% of their grades

31. During the first grading period, a student obtained failing marks in five academic subjects. Which of the following tests would best explain his performance?

            a. aptitude                                                        c. evaluation

            b. attitude                                                         d. mental ability

32. Measuring the work done by a gravitational force as a learning task. In what level of cognition?

            a. knowledge                                                    c. evaluation

            b. application                                                    d. comprehension

33. It is the value representing typical or average performance of persons of various age groups.

            a. national norms                                              c. grade norms

            b. local norms                                                   d. age norms

34. It refers to the process of evaluating a single test items by any of several methods. It usually involves determining the difficulty, and the discriminating power of the item, and often its correlation with some criterion.

            a. inventory test                                                            c. factor analysis

            b. item analysis                                                 d. normal distribution

35. Which of these completion items is best?

            a. A type of guidance that is goal-oriented

            b. Goal-oriented guidance is called guidance

            c. Guidance is goal oriented

            d. Developmental is goal-oriented

36. The first process in analyzing score is __________.

            a. finding the mean                                           c. ranking

            b. grouping                                                       d. tallying


37. The lower limit of the step 45-49 is _________.

            a. 44                             b. 44.5                          c. 45                             d. 49

38. The standard deviation is a measure of __________.

            a. central tendency                                            c. reliability

            b. relationship                                                   d. variability

39. In making the step distribution the first thing to do is ________.

            a. decide on the class interval                            c. rank the scores

            b. find the range                                               d. tally the scores

40. The non-intellective dimensions of a person is his _________.

            a. achievement                                                 c. personality

            b. character                                                       d. skill

41. Evaluation is effective and useful only when the result is _________.

            a. reliable

            b. true and valid

            c. used to promote programs suited to the learners

            d. used to promote or fail a student

42. Standardized tests when conducted at the national level require _________.

            a. random implementation                                c. specific guidelines

            b. reading of instruction                                                d. uniform administration

43. Content validity is determined by the degree to which __________.

            a. there are enough time to measure the ability of the pupils

            b. the contents are valid

            c. the items are representative samples of the content of the course

            d. none of these

44. The crude mode is the ___________.

            a. highest score

            b. highest score minus the lowest score

            c. score with the highest frequency

            d. standard deviation

45. The distance of the scores from the mean is called ___________.

            a. deviation                                                       c. mode

            b. mean                                                                        d. range

46. In order to find out if there is relationship between age and level if intelligence the measure to be used is _________.

            a. analysis of variance                                       c. standard deviation

            b. correlation                                                    d. t-test

47. The counting median when the number of cases is even is _____________.

            a. average of the two middlemost score              c. middlemost score

            b. highest score                                                 d. range

48. The same test is administered to different groups places at different times. This process is done in testing the ________.

            a. comprehensiveness

            b. objectivity

            c. reliability

            d. validity

49. Multiple choice test is considered as the best type of test because __________.

            a. it is easy to conduct

            b. it contains many responses

            c. it measures several competencies in one test

            d. it possesses the qualities of other types of tests

50. It tells the relative position of a score from the rest of the scores.

            a. arrangement

            b. frequency

            c. percentage

            d. rank


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