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Never Forget Verbatim

By Algae S. Densing


Algae S. Densing is a Bible and research teacher at Western Mindanao Adventist Academy and, at the same time, a digital missionary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

First Published: 2022/10/28


Good morning to our debutante's parents, beloved teachers, distinguished guests, and all those who have been invited to this celebration.
And to you, our dear debutante Good morning.
Birthdays are a fundamental celebration as a human being.
And we celebrated it in a variety of ways.
Some through feasting or fellowship, while others tend to do it discreetly.

A great civilized community was recorded as having a birthday celebration.
This event was recorded in the book of Genesis.
It was Pharaoh's birthday.
As we all know, they celebrated this birthday for a reason, the Pharaoh had become a god.
When their son began to eat solid foods, the ancient Israelites also celebrated his birthday.
That is 2-3 years old.
They called it weaning.
Of course, the Greeks celebrated their birthdays as well, and thanks to them we have these birthday cakes. 
By the way, they associated this celebration with a religious ceremony.
The Romans were the first ones who celebrated the birthday of a common man.
Before we put the Romans in the picture, this birthday celebration was only for the elite, or the upper echelon of society.

The Chinese, one of the oldest civilized communities, also celebrated their birthday, and they are the ones who emphasize the importance of the first birthday over other birthdays.
Let us not forget the Europeans since they have something offered in this celebration and that is a round birthday cake due to rapid industrialization.
To be precise, it was Germany that invented this type of birthday cake.
Some countries in Europe have a unique celebration, like in Ireland.
The Irish celebrated their birthday with a bump on the head.
The older you get, the more rocky your brain will surely get.
The French celebrated a double birthday.
One for you, and one for me.. oops, it doesn't work that way..
One for you, and one for the statue near the tree...
Of course, I'm not a biased person...
Filipinos love to celebrate their birthdays, and that is the reason why I am here today!

Today, this is not just a normal birthday celebration.
This is a special one. We called it the debut.
I stand corrected, but a debut celebration started in England.
Yes, it is an English country, but French words were used.
Just for trivia, one of the main reasons is that England was conquered by France led by William of Nurmandy.
Thus, the French language was used by the nobles, whereas English was mainly used by the lower class in society.

Notably, different cultures have different names for this special event.
In England, the main reason why they do this kind of event is for the disposal of their unmarried daughters since their fathers cannot send them to Catholic convents anymore because of the Church's reformation.
Some in the upper echelons usually do it for political reasons and to raise funds.
The English people called this special occasion a "debut" when a lady turned 18 years of age.
Notably, the Spanish called this event "Cotillion," but in their colony it is known as "quinceañera," especially in Latin America.
This type of event was also celebrated by Jews, who called it a Bat Mitzvah.
Of course, ang pinoy hindi rin magpapahuli...
Our debut is derived from quinceañera but with a little twist. 
We don't celebrate it at the age of 15 but at the age of 18.

Now our history lesson is finished, and let's take a look at our digital bibles or physical ones if you have them, and let's turn it together to Matthew 3:17,
Baka sabihin nyo pastor andito ka po sa birthday hindi po sa bautismo.
Let's read together, my friends. This is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased.
Brethren this is a powerful text. Do you know the reason why God said this to Jesus?
It is because Jesus will begin his ministry. 
Yes, he was 30 years old.
And I would say it is his birthday.
It is because he waited for this very day.

Let God be God

Without further ado, my first point is to let God be God.
Sometimes we underestimate God's power in our lives.
We undervalue his promises.
But I would like to say this to our dear debutante this morning.
Let God be God in your decisions.
"Let God be God" in your accomplishments.
Let God be God in your whole life.

Let's take Jesus' life as our example.
He did not in any way sever his relationship with God.
Thus, as His followers, it is a must that we let God be God in our lives today until the end.

Learn to Wait

One of the important virtues is to learn how to wait.
Hence, the second point that I would like to share with you is to learn to wait.
In the text, we can comprehend that Jesus started his ministry.
He waited for 30 years to start his ministry.
I don't know what you've been waiting for on this special occasion.
Maybe legality, special trips, greetings, oh baka mapartner mo na si soon to be.
But technically, this occasion serves two purposes: responsibility since you are now legal, and I'm hoping that the other one is ministry.
For these two purposes that I've mentioned, always remember the first point, and second point, learn to wait.
Learn to wait for his guidance.
Learn to wait for his promises.
As Jesus waited for 30 years to follow God's will,
Learn to wait for the unfolding of his plan.

Read, Read, Read

Studying is a very important aspect of one's life.
One of my best teachers that I had during my college years said to me,
Aim not for mediocrity rather be excellent!
Thus, the last point that I will be giving to you this morning is Read, Read, Read.
Jesus did not just wait 30 years without molding his character.
He did not wait for 30 years just to be master of sawing.
He did not wait for 30 years just to talk about his childhood life.
Jesus studied the book of law.
He mastered the art of humility by contemplating and reading God's word, the scripture.

Lay, apart from academic reading,
Never Forget to Read Ellen White's Counsel. 
It will help you a lot in molding your character.
Never forget to read theological books. 
I know that your path is in the medical field, but these books are helpful in order to have a firm grasp of where you will stand, especially on some sensitive topics in the Christian way of thinking.
Never ever forget to read the Word of God. 
There's no substitute for this. 
Be a learned person for His glory.

To our debutante on this special occasion, Melchie Lyza Magadan
Always remember these three important messages.
Let God be God.
Learn to wait.
Read, Read, and Read.


When we read the text again, God is very proud to present His begotten son, but apart from that, He opens up to Him the burden of responsibility to reconcile humanity to Him.
Never forget that on this special occasion, your parents wholeheartedly expressed their unconditional love, joy, and with a big smile, that you are their daughter, with whom they are well pleased.
This signifies 2 notions:
First, your parents are proud of you.
Second, the same as God the Father, your parents begin a new chapter in your life by appointing you as a lady in waiting – a huge responsibility perse.

While waiting for that big day.
Never forget to prepare everything.
Never forget your parents' counsel.
But above all, Never Forget to Let God be God.

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