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By Kara Powell


Kara Powell

First Published: 2016/10/15

All through high school, Alyssa tried to share her faith in Christ with her four closest friends. In long late-night conversations, they’d talk about everything from heaven to abortion to the existence of evil in the world. Alyssa loved her friends and wanted them to know Christ the way she did.

After they graduated, the four friends tried to stay in touch. Even though they moved to different parts of the country, they e-mailed each other, got together at holidays, and even took vacations together during the summer. Sometimes they’d have conversations like the ones of old, with Alyssa talking about her beliefs and her relationship with God. While Alyssa’s friends always treated her with respect, they never became Christians. Their decision—or, rather, their lack of a decision—was a real disappointment to Alyssa. After college Alyssa accepted a job across the country and soon lost touch with her friends. When she came back home for Christmas one year, she ran into one of them at a local department store.

Her friend was pushing a baby stroller and proudly introduced her new baby to Alyssa. When Alyssa found out that her friend wasn’t married, she thought, A lot of good all that talking about God did. Look what happened to her. She ended up getting pregnant before she got married. Toward the end of their conversation, Alyssa asked if she could hold the baby. As her friend handed the infant to her, she said, “You know, Alyssa, you’re partly to thank for this baby. If it wasn’t for you, I would have had an abortion. But I kept remembering all we had talked about and just couldn’t do it.”

Where to Take It from Here...

You may not think your witness for Christ does any good, but it does. Obviously your ultimate hope is that your friends will come to know the Lord; however, that’s not the only result that can come from being a witness. You never know how God will use what you do for him. Even when you can’t see the results of your obedience, you can trust that God will take what you do and use it to bear fruit.



The author and publisher acknowledge that some of the stories are of unknown origin, having been circulated orally or electronically, and without bylines or other identifying information. We've made every effort to track down the source of every story. We apologize for any omissions.


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