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One of my close friends is trying to quit smoking for good. I know it's really hard for her to kick the habit, so I had to pass along this research we ran in EatingWell Magazine that certain foods can help or hurt your chances of quitting.

According to a study out of Duke University, these 4 foods make cigarettes taste terrible:
• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Dairy Products
• Non-carbonated beverages, such as water and fruit juice

Meanwhile, these three foods make cigarettes taste better (avoid!):
• Meat
• Coffee
• Alcoholic beverages

Researchers can't explain why, but they think that foods may alter saliva production and temporarily change taste buds in a way that makes cigarettes more or less palatable.

Puff up your diet with more of the foods that can give you a leg up on quitting with these healthy recipes:
Fruit: Sweet fruit desserts ready in 15 minutes or less
Vegetables: Quick and delicious recipes for cauliflower, cabbage broccoli and more healthy vegetables
Yogurt: Citrus Berry Smoothie, Breakfast Parfait and more calcium-rich recipes with yogurt
Cheese: Homemade Baked Mac & Cheese and more cheesy pasta recipes to try

Have you found any foods that make it harder or easier for you to quit smoking?

Michelle is the digital editor for EatingWell Media Group. She puts her background in journalism to work online at and in each issue of EatingWell Magazine, authoring The Fresh Interview with interesting people in the world of food and health.


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