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The iPad has a lot of features that everyone knows and loves, but what might be more interesting are the features that very few people are aware of. Learn iPad secrets with help from a professional consumer electronics journalist in this free video clip

The great thing about the iPad is that it's designed for everyone, you, me, mom, dad, even grandma and grandpa. But, even the most intuitive devices have functions that sometimes slip under the radar. I'm Jonathan Rettinger bringing to light some of the best hidden secrets the iPad has to offer. Each new generation,the iPad is crammed with beautiful upgrades, from its processor to its display, to its camera, to its gorgeous tapered profile. But, below the surface, a lot of user features are improved as well. But the little menu navigation, you'll find some really useful features just waiting to be discovered. The iPad's touch screen keyboard can be adequate for quick emails, but it's just too cramped for formal computer typing. So, if you're typing quickly text starts to look like gibberish. Apple addressed this by letting you split the keyboard right down the middle. Just press the keyboard with both thumbs and split it by dragging it apart. Now, you can utilize the art of thumb typing only perfected on a smart phone. And, in split keyboard mode, there are new phantom keys for convenience. A hidden "Y" key is just to the right of "T" and you'll find a hidden "G" just to the side of "H". Multi-touch gestures bring fast navigation shortcuts to your device all with the flick of your fingers. This feature can be enabled under your settings menu. Now, you can start using the iPad like a real pro. To return to the home screen at any time, simply put five fingers on the iPad and make a pinching motion. Home is now closer than ever. Switch quickly between apps by placing four fingers on the screen and swiping to the left, bring you back to the previous app you were using. Swiping to the left and right moves between them. Access to the multitasking bar is now easier than ever. With four fingers, a simple swipe up on the screen's going to give you quick access to your recently used apps, orientation lock, screen brightness, volume and music control. Sometimes, what you're looking at on your iPad is just too good to forget. The screen shot feature is a great, little known option, to help capture the moment. Taking a screen shot is easy, simply press the home button and sleep-awake button at the same time and that's it. Screen shots are saved in your photos gallery where you can review them or email them or whatever you like. The iPad isn't just fun to touch, it's fun to look at as well even when you're not using it. The picture frame feature cycles through your choice of photos taken with your iPad or stored on the device. The feature is easily activated right from your lock screen. The default transition is three seconds between photos, but that can easily be adjusted under settings. Then you can quickly flashback to your vacation anytime on the go. The iPads pretty good at keeping some intimate secrets but now all that beautiful hardware can be put to even better and faster use with those hidden features right out in the open. Thanks for tuning in. There's much more to check out with us right here on eHow Tech.

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